You’ve Changed Things

It was like listening to your heart in a moment of madness, everything changes. You wake up at the whim of your mind. And then you’re gone. What you return with is the approximation of that insurmountable effort, required to achieve your goal. Like you have gambled using life, to know the answers which can never be clear. What do you do? You stick to the outcome. Do you believe it is in tandem with the destiny? No one knows for sure. Atleast your existence is. So make use of it while you can, before you evaporate with the first rays of the sun. You know what the odds of you winning are. Then why do you play this game? Why do you imagine things for a moment of comfort? Have you fallen in love with duality again? In one year, if it comes to it, everything will change. And you might come to this post again, pause for a moment. Yet you will not be happy. Just like the vines curl around a tree, your heart is taken over by that self-doubt again. While the vine suck on your sap, you still want to touch the curls. You take out your fingers for a cool soft touch, but the vine just twists and reduces itself to dust. The shock opens your eyes wide. Tthe dream has taken you away my friend, while you were sleeping unaware. Yet the dust still rubs off your fingers.

PS: This blog post was also supposed to be about, how you shouldn’t judge people by appearances. After doing that quite a few times and failing, I have come to realize that you should always TRUST yourself!


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