The Xmas eve is almost here. People are really busy preparing for the festive season. As a typical desi guy, am going to try and compare it with Diwali. It is the same mad rush, but there are better discounts. Yes we are tipping our newspaper boys and the garbage collectors too. There are people from The Salvation Army and other NGO’s all over trying to make this Xmas a merry one for the rest too. There are many places in stores where you can leave food for the homeless. A lady cab driver told the other day how Xmas was about buying 75 (!) presents for her grandchildren. Yes the children may have different ideas and its all around gifts, but somehow the parents and elders know it is more about sharing. And the important thing is, everyone is indeed happy and merry. I believe the sharing is there in India too. But not everyone can ‘afford’ a Diwali there the way they want to. I am not sure if there are no ‘unhappy’ people here this season. I hope if there are some, someone is reaching out to them.


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