Why I Didn’t Want To Blog Lately

Death would detach us from everything and there would be nothing left of ‘me’ to reincarnate. My thoughts, my memories, my feelings, my disappointments will be all gone. Everything within me would break into pieces, smaller and smaller and be flown away with the wind and rain.

We are like computer programs in a memory, as long as we work on finding our solution, we can solve the problem and reach the next level of execution (as a process). If not, we run out of laptop battery, we shut down and all things in the memory (not hard disk, that could be DNA) would be lost. After some time, if we get a power source, we might ‘restart’ but there would be no trace of the process running before. A new process would be started and it would again try to find the solution.

And the complexity of reaching a solution is infinite in terms of time and space!

PS: Don’t mind my philosophical outburst and computer science lingo!


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