Bhai Rajoana

I am posting this after 31 March 2012. The moment in history of Sikh Nation when we all came together and protested the death sentence. Why do I feel happy? I think it is because we stood for Truth, we all stood against injustice. We would not let a corrupt government slay our people who tried to stop crimes which the same government wouldn’t. It was great to see all Sikhs coming to the streets and showing their angst. So far the sentenced has been stayed, but not cancelled. I even had a dream where I was outside Patiala Jail, and Bhai Rajoana ji was let go. There is a great amount ahead that things will get better with Grace of God. But we take this stand today, are we going to take it tomorrow? For a non-Sikh brother? That is something which bothers me. We see the honest upright person as Bhai Rajoana is, will we do the same for others? The IAS guy who quit because he couldn’t change things? The RTI activist who just ‘died’ one fine day? This is what’s keeping me thinking. Are we going to lead another revolution? Do we understand what is going wrong to do what is truly right? Let the Lord bless us with more courage and sacrifices!


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