Is There An Answer To Everything?

I am Batman

Batman’s answer to everything

After a long week at LA, in between the graduation parties, the Disneyland and a happiness overdose, going Down-town LA… we ended up at Laguna beach. We explored the coastline and sat down, no plans of going into the water. We looked at the ocean and the horizon, initiating deep philosophical talks on the nature of this universe. We talked about tears in the space-time, and I argued about how there is no time indeed. The planets going round and round about the stars keep no count of their circular displacements (just like we enjoy the My Fair Lady ride!). We even talked how everything in the Universe is defined by change, motion and nothing is indeed ‘stationary’. We also talked about the singularity in the black holes. I was reminded how the core of our galaxy was made up of one (or many) massive black hole(s). I shifted the talk to the concept of sound of Universe. How when you are in complete silence, outside and within, you can ‘hear’ the universe. Further discussion was marked by quest for the most peaceful places on the earth and how they wouldn’t be quiet enough. But I was still wondering if there is an acyclic aspect to the Universe, would it be eligible to be part of the Universe itself? The talk was resumed on the last leg of the trip. A few couldn’t handle it at all and fell asleep then and there. We talked about if this life had a purpose. If 42 was indeed the answer to everything, or there was something simpler we could come up with. I tried to mix up the discussion how we all want to be detached, see things as simply as possible and embrace nothingness. Then we brought in the topic of light and how we see everything at the speed of life. Anything which moves at the speed of light works beyond the laws of physics. So is our ‘reality’ getting warped too in the space-time? I am not sure. We also touch, feel and listen. And these impulses don’t happen at speed of light, nor do I find any discrepancies in them. Are we all in a dream like state? I got a surprising information that we all always dream when we go sleeping! It is just that we don’t have dramatic dreams which get registered part time in our memory. And how our memory is made up of broken and unconnected bits and pieces, revisiting it we won’t know if we actually remember the memory or we just have a sense of familiarity about it. Human life and perception is beyond science, all I can say is that it is indeed a miracle…


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