Covert Ops – Beard

I love my dhari. I don’t know if it is over-romanticized mysticism or another obsession. My dhari is more important than any calendar on my phone or laptop. It is mark of the change within me. It is my personal timekeeper. I tried tying it. I never use hair fixer. But now I can’t tie it using my old tools. And I actually haven’t kept it tied since long. I have seen people make fun of me. My own aunts and cousins. My friends have said they find that look of me intimidating. And people who have open beard have come up with online slogans saying ‘I am a Singh, not a gyani’. Frankly I don’t have time to see who is calling me gyaani.

What is a man’s beard to him? Nothing. In the end, the beard along with his body will perish. But the beard is still a part of you. You might want to trim it or shave it away completely. Still there was a time when you were waiting for it to sprout, as a sign of your manlihood. That time you were sad you had no beard as people called you a boy not a man. Now you hate it for some reason. We are always manipulated by the society.

And now you come here to be manipulated by us. Then you ask who are we to judge you, where as you have declared openly your own views. All I am saying is listen to your own body. Your hair will keep on growing. That is the truth. Be accepting of that. Otherwise you will just have to add habit of shaving every week and getting a hair cut every two weeks. Add to that paying your barber, bowing your head in front of him and some money spent on hair gel (though less on shampoo! No wait more, you will shampoo more now as you will have no turban!). But I guess you have all thought it along. I just hope that your rage against your folks is not blinding you of the consequences that are to come. Might as well add you are going to hell if you cut your hair as Sikh, oh wait, that is not true, it is a lie.


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