Partition 1947


Today my nani (Maternal Grandmother) told me the saga of her family during partition. Her paternal grandparents were well known in her village. They provided beddings whenever a marriage function was organized there. They even ran langar for poor. Everything changed after partition. They were supposed to catch train from the modern day Harappa city. But a mob attacked the station. They had to leave and walk towards the border. The people who were trailing in the line got killed

On the way, they came across a  canal which flowed from nani’s maternal grandparents place. Since there were some dead bodies floating in it, her mother checked for her family. Thankfully no one they knew was amongst them. Since my nani, 10 years old, was feeling thirsty; some of it was taken from the same canal and sieved through chunni.

People helping on the way gave handful of chickpeas. Whenever nani or her siblings were hungry, they would be given 4-5 grains. Her unmarried aunts were hidden amongst sacks on the cart. They were given daggers to kill themselves lest the mob got to them. After a few days, they reached the border, nani asked her father how much more they had to walk. Her father cried as he had never let her daughter walk a bit. And now time had changed their life to this.


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