The Last Jump


How does one get through with the wrong choices in life? Do you accept them and move on? Or you try to change things? You would surely change things if they were in your hands. And would you change if you have come to option B from A and now you think that A was the right option? Would you go ahead knowing that many people are affected by your ‘change of mind’ the n’th time? And how do you know you would continue believe A to be right long after you have reached that stage again? This is something simple as To Be or Not To Be. For there is a sacrifice in either case. You don’t know which one you wish to make. But you cannot keep on making the jumps. The distance between the cliffs will increase manifold with each try. So what do you wish to do oh my lost mind? Do you have answers? Do you know what happiness is? What do you seek in this world play? You don’t know yet you ask. And that is why you fall…


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