The Spiritual Black Hole


This article has been printed with the permission of my wife Harpreet Kaur.

Lately I have been fascinated with black holes. And this fascination has been with me long before Interstellar came along. Black holes denote singularity, where all laws of physics ‘break’ down. Scientists and armchair physicists are trying to understand the black holes, with their event horizons and Hawking radiations. I was thinking in our spiritual life, if there is a black hole? Some point beyond which all the rules break down? Where-in the space time stretches to an infinite point such that it almost breaks. I felt that the only black hole in our spiritual life is death.

Death comes in a moment, but takes away everything from us. We are snatched from the known Universe into the oblivion. No one can hear us from beyond death. No light. No sound. No memories. The transition at the point of event horizon must be the hardest, when the last breath leaves us. What is there in the singularity? Is it a window to another Universe? Is it the end of the space time? Is it the point of projection of this holographic existence? Is it the convergence of every reality?

It might sound poetic. But death is the theoretical truth we all know. We are all familiar with its model and how it works. What we are not sure of what is beyond. And how it is connected with what we are today.


2 thoughts on “The Spiritual Black Hole

  1. Interesting perspective! Spirituality can’t be represented in co-ordinates of space and time. It must have its own dimension(s). Maybe in some universe and some life form, or maybe in our own to some people who’ve achieved nirvana, these dimensions are simultaneously perceivable. I see hope in the unknowns 🙂

  2. Agreed. I am in office but my mind is not. Question is, is the mind affected by death? And if it stays behind once the body is perished, why don’t we perceive those minds so easily?

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