Why I hate people?

In my life, I have been kind of proud of the fact that I had one or two people on my hate list. With time, that feeling of hate for anyone was gone. I never used to think in that fashion. But lately there are some faces which remind me that the list exists for me. And it has gotten bigger. Not long back I reestablished both love and hate, the most human of our living experiences, in my life. While love isn’t something to be afraid of, hate for sure is.

While hate may be a too strong a word, I cannot help but feel disgust at a few mortals. So I thought I would pen my feelings. I have been very acceptable of people’s nature. That was as long as it didn’t affect me. It seems I am allowing myself to be affected by others’ presence. Can I get away? I have got rid of them more or less. Then why does it still affect me? Probably because I never got back at them.

I could advise them to watch out for their ills, but it would fall on deaf ears. I would probably be laughed at. That is not how this world works my friend. So how do I find my peace? How do I become normal again? I will have to focus on the good things again. Live again to enjoy what I do rather than trying to fit myself in a world where all that glitters just ends up in the garbage dump.

With this post I accept.. it is hard to be born a human and die in the Light. The struggle is real. It is always there. How can it be possible to live in the dirt yet rise and grow like the lotus? I hope my mind aids me in this journey. I hope I never forget that all I see, hear and feel is temporary. So is this hate. I know I cannot change what I abhor in others. But I can stop the change they bring in me with their presence. That way I can be truly disconnected.


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