1984 Kalyanpuri

KalyanThe mobs had started descending on Sikh families in Kalyanpuri. Little did they know, that many Sikhs had licensed weapons with. Shots were fired and the mobs went scrambling away. The deliverers of justice arrived. Police took away the weapons, saying you won’t need them now, we will be guarding the periphery of the colony.

The cops went and alerted the waiting mobs, saying that it was clear for them to go. So again the mobs went for the blood of Sikhs. Many Sikhs were metallurgy workers and picked up tools of their trade to fight back the mob. Again the mob got scared and people retreated for the fear of their life.

This time the police made arrests. Oh, they didn’t arrest people from the mob. They took 25 men from Sikh families who had licensed weapons. They also arrested other young Sikh men who were showing resistance to the mob. Why do so, it was their day to die.

This time the mob had free hand. They burnt the shops, destroyed Sikh property, looted and of course, butchered whomsoever they could lay their hands on.


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