Closed Door

My sister, Ajinder Kaur, is wheelchair bound. She was left paralysed after a haemorrhage at the age of 19 and has slowly gained some mobility. I can’t begin to explain to you how all the things we take for granted are a struggle for someone in a wheelchair. Getting around, using public facilities is a feat that requires effort and planning. But despite this Ajinder has worked 7 day weeks for the last 3 years to create a Sikh ethos School in Wolverhampton. This school opened its doors on Monday.

Ajinder went to the local Gurdwara to do a short prayer of gratitude called an Ardaas. As she was about to enter the Prayer hall she was stopped by a gentleman who said that she was not allowed in.

After having worked tirelessly for the community with no expectation of reward (Seva) Ajinder was turned away from an institution that calls itself the doorway to the Guru (Gurdwara) but this door appears to be closed to the disabled.

Ajinder did her Ardaas outside and left.


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