The Age of Labels and Convenient Truths

The political views are really polarized nowadays. There is no flow of views and opinions about things that matter. It is about fringe ideas and veiled idealism. I will try to express my views mirroring the thoughts of someone with totally opposite viewpoint. I will try to fit into the shoes of a bhagat for the sickular in me. Yet I cannot. There is such a wall in between us.

Suppose you are trying to get DNA match for a court case. Would a 20% match do good? No? Then why are we only looking at a subset of things today. Why it is ok to lap up the tall promises of a leader without reminding (yourself) of their chronic criminality? Why do we support a political party whose existence is false and it is really just a front for a right wing fascist organization?

And why in politics do we have to label our fellow citizens when they don’t agree with the ‘majority’ (which is now approximating 31%)? So all your political pals are activists and your opponents are terrorists? Your identity can make you ineligible to discuss or propagate the ideas for your nation. Now that ‘our’ nation is just a group of islands, filled with people, their out of tune thoughts and boiling pots, our leaders can send us to hell.


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