The Good Sleep

How badly have you wanted to get home, hit the bed and just sleep? How bad bad have you tried to just give up and take a nap? Is your dream world your ultimate escape zone? Then you may realize what I am talking about.

Isn’t that what sleep is about? To give your mind a break, to let your brain process the thoughts and memories; and rid you of your daily anxieties. Isn’t your dream world the claymation you love to mold at will.

What do you like to dream about? Me, personally I like to dream about nothing. Like standing in middle of nowhere surrounded by snow.. just snow. No roads, no buildings, no people, just a few trees.. and snow. Or I dream that am lying on a lawn, looking at the pale sun. Not just any lawn, something like the Dothraki Sea.

Yet when am about to wake up, I end up in a dungeon of my dream world. And some wild beast is chasing me (and does a pathetic job at that). Hell I don’t want no dreams. I don’t want anything. I just want to immerse myself in the shallows of sleep. And cut off from the reality I find so hard to keep.

Yet I will have to wake up, and accept the reality with a charm. And keep living like a benevolent soul who means no harm. Days will turn into nights, drowsy will be my eyes. I will again rest like a baby running out of sighs.

It is better to be asleep than to be awake, I say with surety. Rest enough I can’t like a man full of immaturity. Die die die o burning sun. Let me close my eyes for dreams are fun.

And don’t be upset if I don’t see you tonight, trust me I see no one there, does that make it right. Maybe I just love to be alone, to be left, to be undefined. When I lose myself, I am the only one to find.


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