Shastra Vidya

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

What I am posting here is part of collective knowledge passed down to generations of Sikhs. Give it a try, shall be beneficial in some way or the other. And I will have a quick reference for myself at times.

Swing attacks x2

Gitti (ankle)

Ghutna (knee)

Kamar (waist)

Paeti (diaphragm)

Kandha/Mouda (shoulder)

Kanpati (ear)

Sarr (head)

Basic 14

4 Cheer (Slash) – Toe to opp shoulder

2 Hool (Thursting)

1 Pentra – Swing on shield pushback

For performance/practice:

Chamkee (basic 4 square attack with pentra)

Char ghar (one attack and a revolving attack)

This makes Level 21.


Now add: 14 of Kaali
Practicing Half Body stance
Going forth and back using one leg.
Use Hool to measure distance
Bharraa (holding swords with both hands and attack)
Jump attacks (from both sides)
This makes it Level 35

Shield always at Kamar level
Always step back if attack is:

  1. On head (or the attacker takes his sword hand above hand and brings it down)
  2. Cheer from below
  3. Attack on Kamar (waist) or below
6 attacks of bending and triplet combination
1 Naarangi
90 degree attacks.
  1. This includes your trademark left attack from above the head and then moving your wrist clockwise as you bring down the attack.
  2. Bheeshma Pitamah attack which intends towards right shoulder, goes past shield and then comes down at Kamar.

Circle attack (going around in Char Ghar)
Stretched Char Ghar (where stance is not L shaped)
This makes it Level 42.

Parallel body stance.
Bend forth and back to increase reach.
Lachcha jump to attack or go back safely.
180 degree attacks. Like hitting continuously on Right shoulder and then fiercely attacking the Left leg.
Hathkadi – We attack the shield from right side and without taking arm back, revolve the wrist to attack the Sword arm.
Around the Shield – We focus our attacks on the shield. And then we can take 2 on the right side and 3 on the left side, missing the shield. This decreases the movement of opponent’s shield arm.
Dhaal Kabza – attack in such a way that the opponent has to reset shield arm a lot. When the resting position of shield is away from body, attack at the gap.
Andheri (blindness swing) and Left Shoulder attack.
The V Attack – Couple of attacks which are tangent to the shield from one point.
This is Level 64

Entering Level 72
Improvised – Attacking cheer from below right and then bringing down as a Hool Attack
Improvised – We have the sword below our shield and suddenly take it out on the left Kanpati
Bring attack from behind your back as if aiming between Kanpati and shoulder, but bring it down on the Kamar. Works both sides. Sort of 90 degree attack.


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